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Old AAIC Iscribble picture

iScribble is also another huge part of AAIC.

If you would like to join, ask

Some things never change no matter who you are on iScribble.

  • Viola and Iris are lovely people, you should give them things.
  • All pictures eventually get ruined after being put on dA.
  • Miles, Sara and Wocky share love for cravats.
  • Cindy prefers bows.
  • Ema and Sara WILL eat you. Okay mostly SS gets eaten.
  • Wocky will never sign out.
  • Marshall and/or SS will mention peeing.
  • Ema and SS will get into discussions/arguments about very random topics.

AAIC iScribble is full of fun, jokes, friendships, and creepy happenings but come and join!