DAT ASS by Darkened Tragedy
Welcome to AAIC
Ace attorney icon chain Family started on deviantart as a small thing starting with the maker, Miles Edgeworth's close friends. Then more people started joining and it become huge, summing more than 100 members. Then the chain went to Iscribble and one of its esteemed members, Klavier Gavin, made a forum. Maybe in the future, everyone will know about it!


AAIC is an icon chain for the games in the Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney series.

Created by Bruce Goodman.

Latest activityEdit

Oh by the way people are being murdered and what not. Just the usual.


asses were strewn all over the bedroom


Yeah, I guess We've all been there, lost in time, forgetting to wear your sunglasses...

But you know what?


Dat Ass.

Do that little grip of the teeth.

Put on your sunglasses.

And enjoy-

Because the moment is yours...

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