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Apollo is played by cookiepianos on deviantART.

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Apollo's profile:

  • Real Name: Leigh
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: 8th July
  • Ace Attorney games you've played: All of them! ^^ (Well, unless you count AAI2 and Layton vs. Phoenix Wright... T_T)
  • Your favorite AA character: Umm - Machi, Daryan, Lamiroir, Valant... All the Turnabout Seranade characters ~ I love all the characters from all the games though, it would be easier to say which ones I don't like XD
  • Least Favorite Character: LETOOOOOOOUSE! DX<


  • Is a member of Wocky's pirate crew
  • Is Machi's boyfriend <3333
  • Is Valant's son
  • Is Alba's great-grandson
  • Ami Fey is his Spirit Guide
  • Is a Starman fanboy
  • As the result of a drunken night on the town with Kristoph, has vowed not to drink again =_=
  • DeKiller is his sir-in-law, despite not being married to his sir (Kristoph) .. Yet ~
  • Hates being called a chicken >3>