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Dee is played by FanDrawersStudios on deviantart.

I am nothing.

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Dee's profile:

  • Name: Sushii Taco Pota Pickle Pudding
  • Gender: taco
  • Age: some number
  • Birthday: Oh! This reminds me of a puzzle!...sort of:
  • Month: 4th from the end up
  • Day: 16 -7 +9 -11 +3 +(2x4)
  • Games Played: Apollo Justice, Pheonix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations, and some other one.
  • Favorite Character: Apollo Justice, Kristoph Gavin, Kay Faraday
  • Least Favorite: ???


  • Dee hates drawing herself.
  • The one who rants a lot.
  • Has a Pirate Crew/Secret Organization like Wocky, but has way less people, and doesn't remember who they are. (Dee, SS, and Manny Coachen)
  • The one who finally got trolled. ONCE. twice nao, bby ;D
  • Will erase you.