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Iris' icon

Iris is played by soreveil on deviantart.

Court records

Iris' profile:

  • Real Name: Alejandro Kawaii-Desu
  • Age: ; )
  • Gender: MACHO MACHO MAN~ (who is really good at convincing people that he's a girl and looks genderless)
  • Birthday: The day fabulous was born
  • Ace Attorney games you've played: Has never heard of this game. But enjoys Bob Saget.
  • Your favorite AA character: Mask*DeMasque, Phoenix Wright.
  • Least Favorite Character: Sal Manella, Ka Shi Nou.


Close friend with Viola.

Own a closet full of AA soul bottles. ; )

Voluntered as Miles Edgeworth's assistant in the icon chain.

Has the most manliest and sexiest voice ever.