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Police Report[]

01 October 2011[]

Victims: Topi Caballero (alias: Mr Hat) and Sara Komori

Murder Weapons: Carving knife, iced sugar cookie laced with atroquinine

Evidence: Caballero's book, The Murder; carving knife; crumbs from posioned cookie; gloves found in Scone's purse; poison traces found on Scone's purse

Suspect: Delish Scone

Prosecutor: Furio Tigre

Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice

Head Detective: Wocky Kitaki

Verdict: Not Guilty

At 6:00 PM Central Standard Time on 30 September 2011, Sara Komori and Miles Edgeworth held a party for numerous guests, only a handful of which showed up. This included Detective Kitaki and prosecutor Furio Tigre, although they kept their identities as detective and prosecutor under wraps. Of the guests that arrived, only Detective Kitaki and Delish Scone brought food for the others. Scone shared her sugar cookies with everyone who was interested. Tigre became enamoured with the cookies, and in turn, Scone herself. After the cookies had been shared, Komori brought out water balloons and began throwing them - first at Detective Ema Skye, then at Edgeworth; Detective Kitaki shielded him from being hit. Some of Scone's cookies were destroyed in the short-lived water balloon fight, so she and Tigre went to the kitchen to make a new batch. At this time, Edgeworth excused himself from the premises to buy drinks for everyone.

Shortly afterwards, Komori went into another room and brought out a very tall cake - Detective Kitaki estimated it to be at least 4 feet tall. At the sight--and scent--of the cake, all occupants of the room (and adjacent kitchen) came together to see the cake and watch Komori cut into it. At 7:45 PM, Komori turned out the lights and lit the candles on the cake; at this time she revealed it was her birthday. Just as Komori was about to cut the cake, a scream was heard. The lights came back on, and Mr Hat fell to the ground; a knife was protruding from his back. Presumably, he died as soon as he hit the ground. Komori, who was weakened and hungry from hauling the cake from the other room, spotted a cookie lying on the ground near Hat, and she stumbled over his body to get to the cookie. She consumed the cookie, commenting on how delicious it was, but almost within minutes, began coughing and choking. She ran for the bathroom. About this time, Detective Kitaki called for the police.

It didn't take long before Detective Bruce Goodman to notise Komori's absence despite the chaos surrounding the death of Hat. Detectives Skye and Kitaki rushed to the bathroom to find Komori coughing up blood. Detective Kitaki called for an ambulance. After a few minutes Komori vomited a large amount of blood before dying in Detective Skye's arms. The cookie Komori ate was laced with atroquinine poison. Detective Kitaki headed the investigation of the crime scene. Shortly after he began, Edgeworth returned and was quickly filled in on the details of the double murder. At the end of the investigation, Detective Kitaki requested testimony from all party attendees and arrested his main suspect - Delish Scone.

On 01 October 2011, the trial was held for Scone on suspicion of double manslaughter. Detective Kitaki went over the details of the previous night, and while he was giving his testimony of his reasoning as to why Scone was the killer, prosecutor Tigre began to protest the testimony, despite his role to prove Scone guilty. As a result, he was asked to step down as presiding prosecutor and Detective Kitaki--the only one who had built a case against Scone--took over as prosecutor for the remainder of the trial. Kitaki pressed the suspect for hours, prying any information he could out of her. In the end, he managed to find out the method with which Scone killed the victims, but ran out of time before he could discover a motive. As a result, Scone was declared Not Guilty, since a motive could not be established.

Report Filed by Detective Wocky Kitaki