Turnabout Christmas is an RP event that will take place December 2011. It will be hosted by Ami Fey. Info will be posted after the event takes place.

Sneaking a Peek:

  • Behind the scenes, everything is beginning to fit perfectly in place.
  • Ami Fey must verify if the two volunteer victims still want to be the victims.
  • Ami Fey had no say on what the name of this case was. *Upset*
  • The murder scene and involved evidence is in the process of being pixelized, as Ami Fey is attempting to make this RP experience as real as it gets.
  • There will include a full on investigation, court case and conclusion, with an expected time frame of 3 Real Life Days. There will not be an odd circle of infinite predictions (like the previous RP) and a web of deception and murder is expected to give the AA family the thrill of a real Christmas murder case.
  • The events of the RP will be on December 23, 24, and 25. However, the true RP date shall be announced as soon as possible.
  • Channeling will be available for use in this story.
  • No matter the outcome of the court case, the ending of the RP is the same.
  • The courtcase standings:
  1. Defense Attorney: Needed
  2. Prosecutor: Klavier Gavin
  3. Lead Detective: Wocky Kitaki
  4. Investigators: The Rest of AA family
  5. Witnesses: TBA
  6. Victims: TBA
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