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Valant is played by AmiyaEn on deviantART.

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Valant's profile: Valant Gramarye one of the two Great Magicians of the Gramarye Troupe is played by Amiya En.

He is a hardcore gamer, and among his favourite are Ace Attorney series. He loves the colour yellow and often referred it as his lucky colour.

A good friend of Dahlia. The two of them is always seen together. He loves art and are good at it, though he always insist that he still need to improve. The stage Valant might look arrogant, but he is actually a humble creature and quite naive too. But deep inside, a demon lies in his heart, covered completely by his smile.

  • Real Name: Rathera
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: December 3rd
  • Ace Attorney games you've played: PW1, PW2, PW3, AJ
  • Your favorite AA character: Dahlia Hawthorne. She has a strong character and heart. She might be evil, but her smart way of thinking would make any villains ashamed.
  • Least Favorite Character: April May. For some unkown reason, I always felt like giving her a 300km/h fast kick.


  • On 21 Oct 2011, Dahlia revealed that Valant is her best friend on her journal.
  • On 26 Sep 2011, Valant finally agreed to be Apollo's father.